AM/PM Weight Control Patches

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AM/PM Weight Control Patches

$125.00 – $199.00

To order the weight control patch, email us or call us with your payment information.,  or 402-513-1152

A true breakthrough in weight control has just arrived! Introducing our new AM/PM weight control patches. These effective, all-natural patches boost energy and suppress appetite and are super easy to use! Just place an AM patch on first thing in the morning, and you’ll feel energized (but not jittery) all day. Then, switch to your PM patch to suppress cravings, but not keep you awake!

There are three ways for you to get your AM/PM Weight Control Patches:

  1. Visit Diet Center Omaha to pick up your supply!
  2. Order online and pick up at Diet Center Omaha for FREE!
  3. Order online and have the patches delivered to your home for a flat rate for $10.

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32 day supply, 64 day supply